Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness
Example Areas of Expertise
Refuse Equipment
Scissor Lifts
Boom Lifts
Consumer Products
Processing Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Slips, Trips and Falls
Aerial Lifts
Thrill Rides
Oil and Gas Equipment

What People Are Saying
Michael Aschen
I am a partner with Abelman Frayne & Schwab, an intellectual property law firm in New York City. In 2017 our firm, under my direction, retained David Smith as an expert witness in a patent litigation. His knowledge of the underlying technology, as well as basic patent law issues and patent litigation procedure were of a significant benefit. He provided us with his honest evaluation of our case and added value and substance beyond predefined arguments. 
As part of Mr. Smith’s protocol he independently searched and located prior art. His expert report was clear, well thought out, well organized, and was instrumental in our favorable settlement of the case.
I highly recommend Mr. Smith to anyone seeking a mechanical engineering expert for patent cases or other intellectual property matters.
Chase Adams
I am an attorney in Salt Lake and David has worked as an expert for me on a prior case. I could not more strongly recommend him to others who need an engineer to recreate what happened or determine who was at fault.
In my case he was an expert in a complex products liability case where we had sued various defendants over a trailer which had failed. All the defendants were trying to blame each other with their experts. He quickly and efficiently reviewed the what took place and accurately assessed what happened.
The defendants’ counsels deposed David where he did a fantastic job expressing his views and accurately recreated what happened. He was confident and prepared for the deposition and did a fantastic job answering the questions of four different attorneys. Almost immediately following his deposition, settlement offers came in and eventually we settled for the full value of our claim, which I fully credit David for.

Qualifications and Experience
Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc. employs six engineers that provide expert witness services.  All of our engineers are licensed professional engineers (PE's) and certified safety professionals (CSP's) in comprehensive practice.  We have over 100 years of combined experience consulting on our clients' most challenging engineering and safety projects.  We have used our experience consulting on over 600 cases, authoring hundreds if not thousands of reports and declarations.  

Because we know that being an effective expert witness requires more than just being an intelligent engineer, we have created a proprietary Expert Witness Excellence Training Program for all of our engineers.  The program involves over 40 hours of classroom training on topics including inspections, report writing, depositions and trial testimony.  In addition to the classroom training, each engineer is required to work on a minimum of 10 cases in an associate roll before they are recommended for expert witness work.  You can be confident that hiring an expert from Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc. will make your work on the case, and your whole life easier.  
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