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Product Development
Product Development
Do you have an idea but are not sure how to bring it to life?  With over 115 years of combined experience taking products from ideas to manufactured products, the Alpine Engineering & Design team can help.  

Our engineers are not only licensed and insured, they are also creative and easy to work with.  Our engineers are listed as inventors on over 100 of our clients patents, with more pending.     

Whether it is as complicated as a theme park thrill ride or as simple as a household cleaning product, we can get you everything you need to start manufacturing.  

We are well versed in the benefits of different materials, manufacturing processes, and the use of off-the-shelf components.  Let our experience benefit your company.  

We specialize in creating CAD drawings, design analysis, prototyping, testing and risk assessments.   

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Did you know that with proper engineering analysis you can determine WHERE and under what LOADS your tools and equipment are likely to fail? 

With our experience, we can analyze the equipment throughout its range of motion to determine the loads and positions where the stresses are highest.   

 If it is not strong enough for its intended uses, we can make and analyze changes to the model to make sure it is strong enough when you actually build it, or that modifications will have the desired effect.

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Prototyping and Testing
Prototyping and testing are critical components to the product development process.  Even with the best engineering, computer models and analysis, we find that it usually takes a few prototypes to arrive at a market ready product.  

Additionally, many products have standards that they need to meet.  With licensed professional engineers and certified safety professionals on staff, we can test your products and certify that they meet a certain standard. 

With out on-sight prototype shop, we can quickly and efficiently make prototypes and custom test fixtures to gather necessary data and improve designs.
If you are looking for a contract professional engineer to help with your project, lets talk.  

 What Jason Martinez Had To Say

If you’re looking for engineering design and prototyping look no further. Alpine Engineering & Design is excellent and very affordable. They helped me with 3D CAD designing needed for manufacturing of one of my inventions. It’s a lighted apparatus for skateboard wheels and roller skates. It’s a very technical little gadget. David Smith worked closely with me to get the designs perfected. One of my favorite things, besides their very affordable fees, was this, how David closely listened to and articulated what I wanted. He was always easy to contact and available whenever I needed to reach him. I tried several other different engineering firms before and they were way too costly for my budget, also were difficult to reach and work with right off the bat compared to the great experience I’ve had with Alpine Engineering & Design. I would highly recommend them to anybody whether you’re an inventor at any level, or even contemplating chasing your dream of bringing a product idea to market. They have the technical know-how to get your dreams to come to fruition. Highly-intelligent designing skills as well as help with sourcing. This was one of my other favorite things about them. They were more than helpful in sharing insight with events, conventions and sourcing that can help inventors network with seeing your product to the ultimate goal of getting it into the market. Even after our project was finished, David followed up with me to see how things were going and if he could be of help in any other ways for me reach my goals. Overall, my experiences with Alpine Engineering & Design were Five-Star quality. Everybody in the office was always polite, professional and helpful. It is no wonder that they are an award-winning company!

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